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Top 13 Philippine Actresses That Have Undergone Surgery

Owing to the great influence Philippine male and female celebrities has over the adulating fans and admirers, cosmetic surgery has become an accepted culture in the Philippine society. 

In fact, a lot of Philippine cosmetic surgeons gained prominence because of the numerous celebrities and rich people that have successfully undergone various cosmetic surgery procedures. And such celebrities became living testimonies of the competence of the cosmetic surgeons practicing their profession in the Philippines.
Rhinoplasty and breast enlargement are the two common surgeries which most Filipino actresses or female celebrities avail to enhance their assets and physical attributes which are important in keeping their shining status in the entertainment industry. 

Lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, chin lift are also the popular choices of cosmetic surgery procedure among Philippine celebrities.
Some of the known surgeries Philippine celebrities have undergone plastic surgery procedures include:

Kris Aquino. A vocal advocate of cosmetic surgery in the Philippines she had no problems admitting to having tummy tuck, breast augmentation and liposuction on her chin, waist, hips, etc. She also underwent a nose lift job.  

Claudine Baretto. She had been rumored to have had breast augmentation, nose and cheek implant.

Maui Taylor. From being a struggling teeny bopper from the hit TV show TGIS, she made a daring comeback as FHM’s nude model donning a new face and breast size. Plastic surgery procedures undergone included rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and breast augmentation. 

Christine Reyes. She is said to have undergone rhinoplasty and breast enhancement.

Heart Evangelista. She was rumored to having her breasts enlarged.

Jennylyn Mercado. This Starstruck batch 1 ultimate female sole survivor is said to have undergone breast enlargement procedure.

Gretchen Baretto. Her lips was said to have been enhanced.

Zsa Zsa Padilla. She was said to have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Ruffa Gutierrez. Former beauty queen turned mother of two reportedly underwent a bodytite procedure with the famous Belo Medical Group.

Vilma Santos. There were rumors that she had undergone blepharoplasty or brow lift on her upper eyelids that gave her the westernized eyes.

Kim Chiu. She is said to have undergone breast implant and nose lift.

Toni Gonzaga. The host/actress had a nose lift and face contouring. She also had a scar removal above her lip which was caused by an accident during a commercial shoot.

Pops Fernandez. The obvious can be easily spotted, she had lip augmentation.
While there are Philippines male celebrities that have similarly undergone cosmetic surgery procedures, not much is written about them. As it is, in the Philippines, cosmetic surgery is more associated with the female population rather than men.


  1. ang bata p ni kim pra mging retokada,,mas mganda xa dati

  2. walang masama kung nagparetoke man sila kasama yon sa trabaho nila.Pero hindi sila dapat isama sa listahan ng natural beauties.

  3. Kulang listahan mo teh. Halos 70%sa adult celebrity ay may pinagawa noh

  4. Most of the Filipino celebrities had their noses enhanced/improved. There is nothing wrong with that because they are expected to look attractive/pleasant. The camera is like a microscope that can magnify your best or worst look.Not unless you are a comedian who capitalize on their funny looks or so called "kapangitan" that could catch the public's interest. I am not sure of the other body parts that the following list of celebs did but one thing I am sure is that they had their noses done.Please include in this list the following:Maja Salvador,Kaye Abad,Angeline Quinto, Klaresse de Guzman, Yeng Constatino,Juris Fernandez,Judy Ann Santos, Carmina Villaroel,KC Concepcion,Arci Munoz,Nikki Gil,Sharon Cuneta,Lea Salonga,Charlene Gonzalez,Melanie Marquez,Sarah Geronimo,Alex Gonzaga,KC Tandingan,K Brosas,Pokwang,Julia Barreto,Julia Montes,Miles Ocampo,Alice Dixson,Angelica Panganiban,Amy Austria,Jasmine Curtis Smith,Erich Gonzales,Ann Curtis,Beauty Gonzales,Angel Locsin,Imelda Papin,Eva Eugenio,Ellen Adarna,Lani Misalucha,Christine Reyes,Kristin Hermosa,Myrtle Sarrosa,Regine Velasquez,Jonalyn Viray,Ai-Ai deals Alas,Maricel Soriano,Kylie Padilla,Heart Evangelista,Rachelle Ann Go,Pauline Luna,Maxine and Saab Magalona,Bea Binene,Eula Valdez,Gladys Mercado,Bianca King,Louise de los Reyes,Carmi Martin,Sunshine Cruz, Geneva Cruz, Sheryl Cruz,Empress,Gwen Zamora
    Among the male celebs: Piolo P.,PAulo Avelino,Z. Marudo,Edgar Allan Guzman,Dingdong D.,Jericho Rosales,Rafael Rossell,John L. Cruz,Christopher de Leon, Jason Abalos,Vice Ganda,Luis Mansano,AJ Falcon,Jake Cuenca,Coco Martin.
    Some opted for minor enhancements that resulted to subtle changes in their appearances but some had total changes to their noses like Myrtle S, Kim C,Z. Marudo. I believe there are only few celebs still w/ their "original" noses, like Eugene Domingo,Melai C. Allan K.There also also some that remain questionable whether they had or they had not such as Sarah Lahbati, Colleen Garcia,Jennelyn M.Dawn Z,Glaiza de Castro….but I tend to believe Sarah and Colleen had theirs done.
    My basis for my observation? I had been a fan of Philippine cinema and Phil celebs that I own an extensive collection of magazines,CD's, DVD's,celeb newspapers,news clippings. From these collections I can compare their before and after photos.Do you have names to add to this list, or do you any comments,what are your thoughts?

  5. Maganda n sila...enhance lng at ala nmn masama dun."in" ngayon ang ganyan tsaka kung gaganda k p lalo "go" diba basta s mga registered lng pra alang sablay...

  6. Maganda n sila...enhance lng at ala nmn masama dun."in" ngayon ang ganyan tsaka kung gaganda k p lalo "go" diba basta s mga registered lng pra alang sablay...

  7. thanks for this nice article